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EMPOWER AN AFRICAN CHILD A nonprofit Organization


Kelvin Anelo is nothing visionary and a philanthropist. A South African based businessman who, through his life as an entrepreneur, has taken young individuals under his wing to uplift and empower them. He values integrity, humility and determination, and has ignited a passion in his team that motivates them to align their goals to the organization’s objectives. A true leader, whose influence, encourages those around him to reach their highest potential.
His passion for humanity has brought alot of positive transformation in South African communities.


Empower An African Child is a nonprofit organization that focuses on empowering young, vibrant African kids by exposing them to Skills Development opportunities such as, Computer Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Skills. Our mission is to give teenage pregnancy and substance abuse awareness through Beauty Pageants, Spelling Bees, Tutorial classes, Debate Societies, as well as Sports Competitions. We encourage the youth to thrive for their highest potential by distributing sanitary and hygiene packages, and providing them with nutritional meals.
Our organization sympathizes with the social, economic, and political challenges that modern-day African Child faces on a daily basis and we are passionate about bringing positive Change in South African communities and Africa in general.



We organize inclusive events for Boys & Girls

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Influencing and building up teens with strong character mindset in ways people, organizations, and movements think and act.
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